Some time ago after unloading in Paris and driving thru rush hours i went sleep at the parking next to french A1. 

 I dreamed of an application for truck drivers created by drivers and not by corporations, focused on profit maximization. In my dream, I was driving an electronic truck with an XXL cabin and a display on the front panoramic windshield to that of the MAN. I connected my mobile via the NFC connector to the truck computer and turned on the FUTURE CHECK-IN application using non-touching gestures. The application was controlled by voice and gestures, it was not necessary to touch the mobile phone or the touchpad display in the on-board computer to fully operate it.

While driving, I felt a bit like an airplane pilot because a lot of data, such as geographical coordinates, speed with real speed, ETA, information about the technical condition of the vehicle, etc. Suddenly the voice of the application spontaneously informed me about the accident that happened on the road to my place of loading and informed me about alternative routes to reach my destination. I chose one of them and asked the navigation via voice command to turn on the favorite internet radio for international drivers and translate it into my native language. After several dozen kilometers of driving, the application informed me that I was approaching the place where a month earlier had a collision of two trucks and asked me if she wanted to display photos of the accident on the desktop along with a description and the cause of the accident. I asked for a video with the accident's photos omitted, the video with the re-construction of the accident was displayed as a 3D animation. Thanks to this short animation, I got the motivation to reduce the speed by 10 km.

After several dozen minutes of driving on an alternative road, I returned to the main road and the application informed me about the need to take a 45-minute pause, it informed me about the working time because it is integrated with the tachograph. Using a voice command, I asked her to display a list of parking lots within a 50 km radius on the windshield and information whether there were available spaces on them. All motorway car parks are connected to the new FUTURE TRUCK PARKING system, thanks to which drivers do not have to worry about a free parking space. During the 45-minute rest, the application informed me about the change of the place of unloading due to the protests of yellow vests in Paris, I got a new unloading address which I have never been to before.

With a voice command, I asked the FUTURE CHECK-IN application to display the location description from the TRUCKER CHECK-IN component and to read the last entries of drivers regarding the experience related to commuting and unloading. The last entry was from a few hours ago and described the experience of the driver who was driving the same road, the entry warns against the 20-ton ban, the driver got a fine of 100 euros and informed other drivers about the right way to get there. Thanks to the drivers' entries regarding the location, I saved EUR 100 because I followed the guidelines of my fellow drivers.

After arriving for unloading, I grabbed my mobile phone and launched the TRUCKER CHECK-IN application and thanked the drivers for the entries regarding the logistics center in which I am currently. I added a description of my experience regarding the access road, entrance gate, check-in procedure and wifi password :-) The application informed me about the new version available in the google play store. After unloading, I got a new transport order to Barcelona, ​​unfortunately, I got stuck in traffic jams near Paris and, due to the steam of working time, I got to the nearest free parking space for trucks. As I was not prepared for parkin without a restaurant, I asked the application to order a "trucker dinner" from the amazon store and deliver it by drone within 2 hours.

After two hours, the application informed me that my dinner would be arriving in 5 minutes. The drone delivered the pizzas to the geographic coordinates provided automatically by the TruckerCheckIn applications, the payment was also made automatically. After eating, I lay down on the bed and asked the apps to read a new chapter from my favorite AudioBook and went to sleep ....

... and that's where my dream ended ...

Suddenly I was awakened by the sound of a knock on the truck door, it was the police who said that I had parked in an unacceptable place and if I did not go, I would get a ticket. :-D

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