Trucker CI mobile application on your mobile

We are Progressive Web App on mobile and desktop

We built our PWA to provide truckers with lots of information and reviews of trucker places, products, companies, blog posts, and parking.

The PWA minimizes data usage to deliver a fast browsing experience in a beautiful interface. So what You have to do to install it on Your Mobile phone or a desktop is go into and wait for the web app to load. 

truckercheckin pwa image 3

Adding your PWA icon on the home screen means that the Trucker Check-In app is accessible from your Home Screen (your device's dashboard). Tap the icon from the home screen, then the Progressive Web App of the website will be loaded with the Splash screen you can see below.

truckercheckin pwa image 4

If the user of the Trucker app lost internet connection because of a low network signal, the "trucker check-in web app" is still working; please check the screenshot below. If a trucker drives in the area without an internet connection, they can continue browsing offline.

truckercheckin pwa image 1

After that, tap the web app icon again; you can notice that all the pages you viewed earlier can be viewed, and all the pages you haven’t viewed will be shown by an Offline page. Next time do not write into your browser search box - click ICON on your home screen and enjoy a full-screen experience.

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