The BETA module of the trucker check in mobile application

We present the initial beta versions of the mobile application module for assessing location experiences for international truck drivers.

Presenting part of the beta version is designed to present users with a new product under the sign TRUCKER CHECK IN. The purpose of the presentation is to test whether the rating system is in line with the expectations of the latest UX (user experience) trends. The module should be operated without buttons and elements of the graphical interface of the web browser. The experience evaluation module currently does not store data on the server. The main goal is to check the speed of script loading from

Below are links to 8 language versions of the module of mobile app: 

All files work only online so you can't open them without internet access. We need information on which browsers and operating systems truck drivers using mobile applications use. We need feedback:

  • Does the file load quickly in the browser
  • Does not load the processor while other applications are open in the operating system cache
  • Screen resolution of application users
  • Speed of loading JavaScript from the Content Delivery Network depending on geolocation
  • Possible catching of application errors

We are most interested in the speed of loading from CDN in Western Europe and the USA. Thanks to CDN, we can be sure that the application or content  from the TruckerCheckIn portal will be available to every driver, if possible made available from the servers closest to the driver. We want to customize the operation of the application in the changing environment of web browsers. We can compare the change of data in the mobile application to the shift in an automatic gearbox in a modern truck. We tested files in the following web browsers:

Creating a mobile application based on the latest technologies is a task for a team of people, therefore we are looking for mobile application developers who want to take part in the creation of an application based on angular 9 and ionic 5 technologies. Knowledge in the field of:
- json
- jwt (json web token)
- Ajax
- Custom element
- Pwa
- Jam stack
- Anguar 9
- Ionic 5
- Type script
- Vanilla java script
- Virtual DOM
- Github webhook
- Node.js
- Api
- Css (preprocessors and postprocessors)
- Integration with CMS Joomla

is welcome but not necessary. We are looking for someone who will propose a way to organize the Ionic 5 application code. Thanks to this, building and testing the application will match the other modules and elements of the application without unnecessary problems.

If You are interested in Test we can send the BETA version by email. So write us on this email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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