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I wonna see new movie with trucks

I saw all those old movies with trucks, truck drivers, ocean containers. I want to see a new movie with trucks with a new mind-blowing scenario and professional video shots. What is a good title for a new movie with trucks?

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How many times did you make an early check-in at the hotel front desk? I had a situation that I had to make a late check-out at the hotel on holiday in Turkey. Travelers are like truckers - they going from one destination to another to make the check-in & check-out.

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Anti-terror truck on the web

I remember what it would be like yesterday, after unloading the cargo in Paris, very early in the morning, I could leave congested Paris and not overstay my driving time or working time on the tachograph. I left Paris from the east and was very pleased that I had not wasted my time in traffic jams in the French capital.

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