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Q Quote truck driver
" My teacher told me nobody would ever pay me to look out a windows. He was wrong. " - by Truck Driver

Trucker trip to Swiss

Let's check it up how the Truck trip thru Swissland by Trucker's point of view looks like. Those photos are taken before winter came to the Swiss Alps. The Connection between Northern Italy and Southern Germany is full of high mountains. 

Truckers Against Trafficking

We the Truckers are against human traffic and for that reason, we connect with TaT. The text and image of this article were copied from the TAT website. Modern-day slavery or human trafficking exists whenever people are bought and sold for forced labor or commercial sex. Around the world, it is estimated that there are over 40 million slaves today. Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states, and the number of victims in the United States and United Europe is estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

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